Legend Tiger Co., Ltd is the high end equipment rental, production, line production, post production, creative and media in Cambodia. Legend Tiger sets the standard for all relevant services in it's field.


Experience and capability

We are young but we known the professional work and process, We have connection from around the world to exchange all experience as producer, director, DOP and art department, experience that we can create the kind of results demanded by clients who want the best result for their investment.

Legend Tiger’s capabilities are extensive and include all of the professional services and equipment you should expect, including: big or stage studio rental, professional film equipment and grip rental include ARRI Film and Digital, All RED Series Camera, SONY Camera and portable Canon camera with both 2D and 3D, full production support and production organizer include film producing, talents management, location management, Producer, Director, AD, DOP and full post production include offline with FCP, Color-grading with Davinci Resolve and Online with both Flame and Smoke.

We also have full compatible 3D animation service which run with all Autodesk